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Lessons From An SEO - The Why

Updated: Apr 2

I thought it might be time that I gave a bit more background into my "why" for starting Lessons From An SEO. Am I glutton for punishment with too many things on my plate already? Most likely. But I knew if I didn't actually throw the idea out in the world I'd never actually act on it. I've been doing SEO for over 10 years and I've seen an influx lately in people wanting to get SEO jobs but not feeling qualified or feeling like they need "credentials". While some universities are starting to add digital marketing offerings, SEO degrees or certificates are still fairly uncommon and college/university isn't accessible to everyone. I wondered what an online course with content created by experienced SEO professionals could like. Participants could receive a certificate of completion and a LinkedIn recommendation from someone with SEO experience to hopefully help bolster their resume.

The more I thought about it, I realized this could also work both ways. There is also a need for less known SEO's to have a platform to share their thoughts and ideas. So not only will Lessons From An SEO provide free and paid SEO content from SEOs, it will also give SEOs the opportunity to share their content with the world and be compensated for it if they wish.

The other fun thing with this project is that I'm going to try to run the whole thing from a Wix site. I've definitely always been a "Wix is bad" SEO. But the great Mordy Oberstein, Liaison to the SEO community, has changed my mind there. I'm excited to see what has changed and how the platform will continue to evolve to be more search friendly.

There is definitely still a lot of work to do, and I have a full-time job and a few freelance clients. But hopefully over the next few months you'll start to see more and more content show up on the site. If you want to be alerted when there is any major progress, feel free to signup so you don't miss anything or follow along on Twitter. If you're interested in contributing content, fill out the form and I'll be in touch soon.

More to come!

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